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Large Selection of Tarots, Discuss your Cards, and talents.

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Large Selection of Tarots, Discuss your Cards, and talents. Empty Large Selection of Tarots, Discuss your Cards, and talents.

Post  NakaliRivers on Thu Feb 16, 2012 1:07 pm

I currently own a wide array of decks, my list being, (shown from favorite/most powerful in my hands, to least favorite/least powerful in my hands)

Wild Wood Wisdom Deck
this deck of cards is highly active when around me, i buy all of my cards new, as to put my own energy into them, and no one elses. the readings on these cards i use for large readings, that can take up to a half an hour to do if i'm not taking my time in explaining the situation. (10 card draws)

Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck
this is a particualry favorite deck of mine, because i received it from a woman i know at a shop in our town, we happened by one day, bringing back the tattered deck of a brand new pack of cards we had just burnt, after being mislead by them, and calling something into our home that we had to banish by destroying an old doll as well. not a good way to end a deck of cards, but there just wasn't anything right with them. however, because of her selling us the cards that we had to burn, she gave us 50% off of the oracle deck. this deck specifically i use for quick readings, such as, for a life reading on myself quickly if i have the time, or for a friend online if they come to me. (3 card draws)

Native American Spirit Deck
this was a deck, that i basically started using, and started to use quite often. the pictures on the cards are not traditional tarot, and have no connection to traditional tarot, they are spirit animals, and based off of the native american culture, which i am closely tied to spiritually. the answers this deck yields are more for accurate readings on someone's current situation, and will give more open answsers than most traditional tarot decks that make you think. i use this deck often for my boyfriend when we do a type of astrial projection with our spirit guides. (2-10 card draws)

Steam Punk Tarot Deck
and finally, the deck i mostly keep in my collection as a novelty item. my steampunk tarot was purchased online in an auction, and was hand made by a young lady. while being a very good collection of cards, they do not click with me like other cards, the steam punk tarots mostly call to me when a handful of people are around. such as, certain tarot readings. (3 card draws)


if you would like more information on any of my decks, do not hesitate to ask me for anything. i'm always available for questions, comments, and concerns. all of my decks are used solely by myself, and are not tainted.

blessed be, nak.


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