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Greetings from Ireland

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Greetings from Ireland Empty Greetings from Ireland

Post  September on Sat Feb 18, 2012 11:43 am


I'm September, not my given name, but that is far more preferred. I'm 15 and just beginning on my journey into witchcraft and things of that nature, though I grew up with it because my Mum used to be really into, and would take my brother and me to Sabbat rituals her friend held. I've had some encounters with spirit things, one at Samhain, when a small child ghost was following a woman around the circle as she cast it, and then an entity on the towpath near my Dads house that likes to follow me around. I'm a healer, usually through touch, something my Nanny would have me do for her when I was younger that progressed into something more I guess. I'm big into divination, which I guess might come from my Dads side of the family, Granny and her now deceased brother used to read cards for people, I mostly use tarot cards, though I want to start trying other methods.

I'm from and live in Ireland, specifically Northern Ireland, I really hate it here, I'd prefer to be in Scotland or Yorkshire, specifically the Dales, Dublin City if I had to stay on this island. I live in a really small village, well I live outside of it more in the country side, lots of places to walk with out meeting many people. I can't stand many of the people in the village. There's a city about a half-an hour drive away, no New Age type stores in it, and the bookstores sections on paganism aren't that well stocked, so most all of my information is gotten online, I love when I get to go to Dublin and go to the witchy shops there.

I can be a boy or a girl, I'm usually neither or a mix, gender neutral pronouns are preferred, the pronoun "it" specifically, or "they." Sort of pansexual. I write, not as much as I should seeing as I want to be published, something I should really work.

Just on the beginning steps of my journey, wish me luck. Can't wait to talk too and get to know all of you! Thanks for making this kick-ass forum Joji!

Blessed Be!


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Greetings from Ireland Empty Re: Greetings from Ireland

Post  Wonderland on Sun Feb 19, 2012 1:31 am

I hope your journey too the craft is wonderful and full of magic.
Blessed be.


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